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Predicting the 2023 IATC Champion: An AI Approach

  • 3 min read

For the past five months, we’ve been meticulously developing a ranking system for the Player of the Year. This system is open to everyone. Axe throwers from any organization are welcome to submit their results. Our unique formula uses this information to rank players based solely on head-to-head tournament outcomes. We then fed these statistics into our AI platform Dazzling Machine of Absurdity and Comedy (DMAC for short) to generate predictions for the 2023 IATC champion.

We ran into some hurdles, like Vin Crescenzo having a very high overall rating, but a somewhat lower Green Rating due to his focus on WATL tournaments and lower participation rate in IATF. This caused a few comparison issues in the later rounds. Some players were so similar, that we used outside data to determine a winner. Along with that, there were a lot of players with no rating in our system, or a lot of players with very few games. We supplemented our data with Round 1 seeding stats and season averages.

One thing is certain: seeding will significantly shape the players’ journeys to the finals. With such an expansive bracket, a few unexpected upsets in the first round could make the entire competition resemble a random seeding event. Numerous top-notch throwers may be projected quite low due to an unfortunate draw, while others are poised to sail into day 2, provided they maintain their average performance. The unpredictability of the tournament is part of its charm, and keeps everyone on their toes.

You can find the final results of our AI-driven predictions listed below. For a detailed understanding of the championship trajectory, the complete bracket can be viewed here on Challonge. Intrigued by our approach? Think you can beat our guess? Click here to put your prediction skills to the test by creating your own winner’s bracket predictions.

2023 IATC Result Prediction

1 – Stormy Stormerson
2 – David Cycon
3 – Cooper Rogers
4 – Austin Agosti
Brian Starling
Joe Nessler
Cameron Dubrow
Rander Marquez
Brandon McClester
Matthew Colavecchia
Nick Kolomyja
Tim Stivers
Charlie Bain
Jeff Yateman
Julio Romero
Patrick O’Dowd
Alex Mitchell
Connor Hugginson
John Bradley
Matt Evans
Moira Girard
Nathan Ford
Robert Oberley
Vail Cook
Ceejay La
Jordan Culver
Julio Rayneri
Kimmy Supnet
Philippe Lachance
Rob Klein
Sean Hill
William Baldwin
Adam Grant
Austin Campbell
Briana Hansen
Dave Alviso
Harry Lapointe
Jacob Mowid
John Dale Mariano
Jonathan Morgan
Joseph Roach
Melissa Crist
Nicholas Anderson
Rachael Umbriano
Rob Dye
Ryan Lindquist
Shannon Kolvitz
Vin Crescenzo
Aaron Gerrard
Andrew McClain
Ariel Pscheidl
Austin O’Brien
Carl Howe
Chris Ramsey
Christopher Rios
Colin Blyth
Curtis Baptist
David Anderson
Don Caro
Jackie Griffin
Jed Paul Delos Reyes
John Vavaro
Mason Wong
Seth Monczka
Aaron Craig
Alec Jandorek
Allan Cannington
Bob Bergman
Brian Berry
Chloe Kizer
Corben Decker
Craig Ayrheart
De Wet Van Zyl
Dustin Kerr
Heather Hansen
Hillary Dolloff
Jamie Raider
Jenn Walker
Kat Howe
Kyle Fornet
Kyle Ingram-Sayeau
Mark Overes
Mason French
Matthew Leblanc
Nick Johnston
Patricia Graham
Rick Chaput
Rob Brown
Rob Morrison
Sam Haldeman
Sean Coutts
Spenny Robinson
Steven Malvey
Stevie Karim
Straun Riley
Travis Blake
AC Turner
Aidan Labossiere
Blake Rodgers
Brian Peters
Brittney Campagnolo
Chris Hirgelt
Conrad Andrawos
Dan Godfrey
Dane Colligan
David Thornton
Eric Kristensson
Erik Schulte
Iqbal Padela
Jamie Littlechild
Jesse Augustus-Feuer
Jonathan Pett
Jordan Burton
Lomond Ossandon
Loren Jones
Luke Boggs
Makita French
Marcus Artis
Marques Manuel
Patrick Heuser
Raphael Vachon
Robert Alex
Ryan Travitz
Shane Miller
Stephen Haldis
Thomas Hischer
Tom Lyons
Troy Evans
Adrian Noland
Alexis Greenwald
Amy Overes
Austin Rising
Ben Dover
Brandon Palmer
Brandon Williams
Braxton Wilson
Brian Wrenn
Cesar Quinde
Chris Bowles
Chris Lalonde
CJ Harvey
Dale Sampson
Dan Genner
Daniel Lopez
Danielle Hurd
Danny Whitehouse
Dardan Shervashidze
Darren Snodgrass
Denim Belford-Smith
Eitan Shalmon
Felipe Ribeiro
Francesca Nichol
Gregory Robbins
Jack Schneider
Jeffrey Wells
John Pimentel
Josh Foster
Judith Karim
Justin Vicari
Kateyn Garrow
Khalil Boukhris
Kirk Bambrough
Kirk Thomas
Kyle (Zeke) Walsh
Lucas MacDonald
Markus Overes
Martin Van Os
Matt Brown
Matt Hawryszko
Matt Livengood
Matthew Pelletier
Max Ossandon
Michael Georgie
Mircea Nicolaescu
Nathan Pugh
Philippe Lafleur
Rob Barney
Robert Buchanan
Ryan Eldridge
Ryan Hayward
Sam Blea
Saul Hammerschlag
Shannon Couse
Shiloh Frederick
Stephen Ray
Steven Vargo
Stewart Reeve
Tanner Ammann
Tanner Kenney
Thomas Williamson
William Godfrey
Zachary Godfrey
Austin Maden
Barry Kennett
Benjamin Pillus
Brandon Frederick
Brody Rosenfeld
Bruce Pack
Caitlin Chaput
Camden O’Neill
Carly Chalom
Cath Slattery
Chip Hassell
Chloe Lyttle
Chris Senior
Chris Severs
Christian Scandura
Daniel Rudi
David Gelin
David Hellmore
Derek Morton
Diana Montoya
Frank Doolittle
Harrison Amper
Hayden Weiss
Jake Wilcox
Jarrod Peisley
Jimmy Davis
Joel George
John Christian Dolan
John Evans
Jordan Wagner
Katherine Moore
Katy McBryde
Kevin Clarke
Kyle Little
Lee Cooper
Lindsay Racher
Martin Altersitz
Martin Mann
Matt Chapman
Matt Lazarski
Patrick Kerrigan
Paul Hutchinson
Paul Sparico
Rachel Lifto
Renee Gibbs
Rick Bird
Ryan Ihrig
Ryan Miller
Sanch Ka
Scott McKinnon
Sean Rundell
Simon Arseneault
Terrell Allen
Thomas Campbell
Tom Dunn
Troy Heitmann
Tyson Carnelutti
Xavyer Vachon
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