Axe Throwing Prices

Here you’ll find the prices for all axe throwing in Southeastern Michigan. Not only does Total Axe provide the best prices, we offer the best experience. Your coach will guide you through the entire experience to help you throw like a pro. Our venue is the safest around with fencing enclosing every thrower. We are also the only venue with other items like stars, knives, cards, and shovels.

Total Axe Reservations

1 hour – 4-6 people$18 per thrower
(Friday-Sunday Only)
2 hours – private targets$200/group for up to 10 throwers
Stars, Knives, Playing Cards and Shovels
(2 hour reservations only)
add $50 per group

Walk in Throwing

1 hour – Axe Throwing or Stars
(Currently Fri-Sun only)
$20/hour (pro-rated)


8-week IATF League$105 ($15/week)
$80 renewal


Annual Membership$700/year
Includes all leagues
Monthly Membership$80/month

Axe Throwing Price Comparison

Total Axe ThrowingBATL NoviDetroit Axe
(Best Price)
$18/person for 1 hour
$200/group (as low as $20/person)
for 2 hours
for 2 hours
for 2 hours
Walk-ins$15-20/hr prorated $20/hr $20/hr
per person
ItemsAxes, Knives, Batarangs, Stars, Cards, ShovelsAxesAxes