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Learn about the 2023 Player of the Year


Updated with all events submitted through 1/29/23

1Mike Philabaum1668.105
2Douglas George1657.187
3Vin Crescenzo1650.86
4Colby Dean1650.265
5Dustin Wellman1646.048
6Cooper Rogers1640.566
7Brett Jariabek1639.958
8Vail Cook1639.915
9Stormy Stormerson1638.889
10Lucas Johnson1632.439
11Bryan Wilson Jr1631.257
12Kyle Durrant1630.855
13Darin Bartholomew1630.279
14Steven Olazabal1629.681
15David Bloom1628.348
16Kyle Speelman1627.902
17Sean Beamish1622.418
18Victor Ahluwalia1621.139
19Jonathan Morgan1620.886
20Ant Man1620.827
HATCHET Player of the Year Event Submission

HATCHET Player of the Year Event Submission

Submit tournaments and league playoffs for the Total Axe 2023 Player of the Year.

All submissions must include a FULL tournament bracket.

Type of Event
Maximum upload size: 2MB