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The Yearathon

  • 4 min read

Almost 4 years ago, I decided to offer a $5,000 bonus (which later grew to $10,000) to any thrower that won the IATC after qualifying through Total Axe and representing us in Toronto. After joking with Mark Davis and several good throwers, we decided to try letting anyone qualify at our venue by hosting an entire league in a day. Thus, the Axe Marathon was born.

In that time, dozens of venues have repeated the feat, many in their own way. Chopper’s Hatchet House even held the Ironman Marathon – two marathons at the same time. Even from the beginning, Jon Miller joked that if you could throw a season in a day, you should be able to throw a year’s worth of seasons in a week. Since then, we’ve teased the idea, but no one has been dumb enough to try it, until now.

Is This a Good Idea?

Almost certainly not. The fact that no one has even attempted it should be evidence enough that it’s a ridiculous thought. The first time around, we didn’t know how our bodies would hold up after 28 matches plus playoffs. Thankfully, I was trash in 2019 and missed the cut for playoffs. This time is going to be different. This time, everyone plays until one person is crowned, or until everyone else quits.

The Date

Warmups will start at 7pm on September 1. Just like the first marathon, we can guess how long it’ll take, but no one knows for sure. Because of that, we decided to use a 3-day weekend to attempt the feat. With the rules we’ve decided on, I’m hoping it wraps in about 48 hours and I can sleep through Labor Day.


To facilitate the event as smoothly as possible, we’ll be using the World Blade League Rules, formerly known as Michigan Rules. The full rules are available on the WBL website, but we’ll give you a quick rundown. Each lane has a 5 targets, 1 main and 4 corners. The main target is labeled 1-6 and the corners are each labeled 3, 5, and 7 points. You can only hit each corner once per game. Players score the innermost ring they touch. 12 foot fault line. Each match is 3 games of 5 throws.


From all the responses I’ve gathered over the years of discussing it, the most important thing to all throwers was that each season has a playoff and after all seasons are over, there is a final playoff to determine the winner.

The weekend will consist of 6 seasons of 20 matches each. Each player will be required to sit out one marathon (but not the first or last), meaning everyone plays 5 times. Playoffs will consist of every thrower participating in that season. WBL playoff matches are hatchet only (including tie breakers), best of 5 for opening rounds, and best of 7 once the final four are left.

After all six seasons are over, we’ll have a final bracket. Players must play all 100 matches and participate in all 5 playoffs to be eligible. Winners of the 6 seasons will be seeded in A bracket and will have the luxury of double elimination. Everyone else will be seeded in B bracket.


Glory. Since this is likely to be the only Yearathon ever, an award will be made for all participants. That award will be destroyed if the player bows out for any reason. In addition, the winner of each season will get $100*, and the final champion will receive a one-of-a-kind trophy and $500*.

*All cash prizes are based on the event selling out.


Tickets are $300 and will go on sale Thursday, May 18 on our tournaments page. Entry includes all throwing, food, drink, and prizes for the weekend. We’ll also have a cot next to Lane 10 if you don’t want to get a room.