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Total Axe is Joining the World Blade League

  • 3 min read

Michigan Rules will now be incorporated into the World Blade League (WBL), as the sport continues to grow and evolve each year. The ruleset has been adjusted to challenge the top competitors while still being enjoyable for casual throwers. This change also allows Total Axe to expand its offerings and establish standardized rules for all blade throwing disciplines.

How do WBL Leagues work?

World Blade Leagues are designed to be flexible and adaptable to different venues. For hatchet leagues, a 12-foot foul line is used to accommodate smaller venues, and the number of arenas used is up to the venue’s discretion. It is recommended to have at least one arena per 8-10 league members. At this time, there is no required length for a league, but players must attend at least 70% of the regular season to be eligible for the playoffs.

What are the main differences between the WBL and others?

The WBL is committed to inclusivity above all else. We are continuously evaluating the sport and adapting it to fit all throwers and disciplines. One example of this is the lower targets on our boards, which mirror the upper targets, reducing the advantage of height. At this time, we are providing a basic framework of rules and materials for venues to get started, and we encourage feedback to inform future rule changes. Community feedback and continuous improvement are critical for the growth and success of our sport.

How will other disciplines be incorporated?

Total Axe has redesigned the Michigan Rules target to enhance gameplay for all disciplines, including knives and tomahawks. The target now features layered outer rings that eliminate the “all or nothing” aspect of throwing, making every throw count. By reducing the size of the inner rings, early missteps become more costly, and there are more opportunities for 1 and 2 point differentials. Players are encouraged to take chances and use the outer targets to catch up, creating a more engaging and dynamic experience. Overall, Total Axe has found this new style of play to be more entertaining for all disciplines and looks forward to incorporating it into our offerings.

In joining the World Blade League and introducing new rules and targets, we’re signaling an intention to serve the community of blade throwing as a sport and to create a more engaging and inclusive experience for all throwers. By adapting to the needs of different venues and disciplines, and by seeking feedback from the community, we are helping to drive innovation and progress in the sport. We believe that blade throwing has a bright future, with endless opportunities for competition, collaboration, and entertainment. We invite everyone to come and experience the excitement of blade throwing at Total Axe, where the rules are fair, the targets are challenging, and the community is supportive and welcoming.