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Total Axe: Not Just Another Axe Throwing Venue

  • 3 min read

Listen up, reader. A lot of our blog posts are mainly informative, with a side of jokes. We let you know the deal, while keeping you engaged. It’s called “writing well.” If you don’t know what we mean, check out our blog posts for enjoying a night out, having a holiday part, and learning if axe throwing is fun to get a taste.

Not this one, though. This one is all facts. No jokes. We need to hit you with some pretty important information. Rumor has it that some of these axe throwing venues in the world are just handing guests axes and saying “have fun.” Well we’re here to tell you that that isn’t the case here at Total Axe. Here, we’re dedicated to making axe throwing an experience. We’re not just another axe throwing venue.

We’ll make it a real event for you.

When you make a group reservation at Total Axe, you aren’t just coming to haphazardly launch axes into planks of wood. Our goal at Total Axe is to give you an experience. When you come in, a coach will go over some brief but crucial safety protocol. Then, your coach will give the group a lesson on how to properly and effectively throw an axe. Then, your coach will explain all the gameplay, and how to play matches. After that, your coach will run a tournament for the group, all competing for the title of champion of your friend group. Finally, the last hour is reserved for the extra stuff: grudge matches, throwing stars, and whatever else you want out of the group.

We don’t want you to just come in and throw stuff at a wall. We want you to feel the excitement. Friendly competition, learning new things, and getting to walk away a champion (hopefully).

Our coaching staff coaches.

Our coaching staff has been expertly trained to ensure that you have a successful outing. Beyond the initial group training session, our coaches will work with you one-on-one for the entirety of the group to make sure that you get some points on the board. It not fun to drop axes for 2 hours. So we’ll make sure you don’t. If you do not stick an axe or star, it is company policy to give you a full refund. The absolute last thing we want is for you to pay money to not have fun. It doesn’t matter if a group of 13 year olds come in for a birthday party, a bunch of guys come in for a bachelor party, or if the retirement home has event here, our money-back guarantee stands.

Extra Stuff:

-Different throwables: We’ve got throwing axes, throwing stars, throwing cards, and even a tactical shovel for you.

League options: We have two different types of leagues. IATF sanctioned leagues, and the Total Axe original “Michigan Style” leagues.

-Total Axe is offering a $5,000 bonus if a Total Axe thrower wins the International Axe Throwing Championship.

-Owner Chris Ross is constantly consulting with other axe throwing businesses, axe throwers, and freelance consultants to bring the customer the best experience, and be the best axe throwing venue.

-Total Axe has the most transparent pricing. We even did the comparison work for you, here.