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Is Axe Throwing Fun?

  • 3 min read

An opinion piece.

Yes. It is.
In theory, you could stop reading now, and book a group here at Total Axe.

But, if you don’t trust me (which is honestly pretty offensive considering I’ve never lied to you), and you’re still wondering “is axe throwing fun?” below is some evidence to support my claim.

Learn a new skill!

Learning a new skill is one of the most satisfying feelings, in my opinion. After a quick safety lesson with the coach that is assigned to your group, everyone will learn how to throw an axe. Since everyone’s bodies work a little bit differently, the coach will give everyone individual attention to get their throws into working condition. The sense of accomplishment you get upon hitting your first bullseye is unmatched. So, when your coach is giving you advice, make sure you listen!

All of your friends and family will be there!

Total Axe is proud to be a 13+ (with a guardian present) venue. This means that the whole family, and all the kid’s friends can come on in and learn how to safely throw axes. Learning a new skill is undoubtedly a good experience, but getting to share that experience with your friends and family, who you intrinsically trust (unlike me, who has done nothing wrong but can’t seem to get you to believe me), is like nothing else. Getting to look around and see everyone laughing and smiling as you do this new thing is exactly what “having fun” is all about.

Friendly competition!

After you learn how to throw, the matches begin. Match after match, until one of you is the ultimate champion of your group. If your group is all about the competition, that’s great! Or, if they just want to mess around and have fun, that’s awesome, too. Either way, there will be plenty of trash talk (gentle teasing), high stakes betting (loser cooks dinner), people showing their true colors (happy for you no matter what), and brawls in the street (brawls in the street). You’ll be surprised to see who might win! Sometimes it’s who you’d expect, and other times Aunt Delores really shows everyone whose boss.

Make new friends!

If you didn’t know, Total Axe has leagues! You’ll compete individually, but feel free to sign up with a few friends. If you end up joining our tight-knit community, you get to add a bunch of people to your social circle, hang out with them every week, and throw for a discounted price! Nothing seems better than that. Plus, if you get really into it, you’ll get to travel across the country (and even internationally) for major cash prize tournaments, where even more friends await. All fresh faces for you to either trust or not trust. It’s your call. Honestly, it doesn’t even bother me if you don’t trust me. You read this far so you must care about what I have to say just a little bit. I’m fine.

Is axe throwing fun?

So, again: Is axe throwing fun? Yes! It’s a great way to bond with your friends, and make new ones. Learn a new skill and get to compete with it. Still don’t trust me? I guess the only thing left then is for you to come on in, order a pizza, and get throwing!

is axe throwing fun?