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Total Axe Code of Conduct

  • 2 min read

(updated 6/20/2022) Total Axe Throwing has safety rules posted for all throwers. During tournaments and leagues, throwers will encounter others that they may never met before. For this reason, we strictly enforce a Code of Conduct with some common sense rules, rights, and responsibilities for all throwers.

All people in attendance of leagues and tournaments are expected to treat every other person at the event with respect. Each player should be afforded the same rights and responsibilities as everyone else and be treated fairly. Each player is allowed to appeal decisions in their own matches.

Player Rights and Responsibilities:

  • Players have the responsibility to abide by the posted rules and treat all people with respect.
  • Players have the right to feel safe during the event and especially their matches.
  • Players have the right to ask tournament staff to remove guests who are harassing or causing a disturbance.
  • Players have the right to appeal judgements made by scorekeepers in their own matches.

Appealing decisions:

  • Players may request that their opponent does not pull their axe from the board until a call can be made by the scorekeeper.
  • If a player disagrees with a decision from a scorekeeper, they may appeal to the league runner or tournament director. Decision of the league runner or tournament director is final.

Inappropriate Behavior:

  • Making unsolicited comments on another person’s appearance
  • Distracting any players, whether opponents or people in other matches.
  • Offering unsolicited advice to other throwers
  • Insulting or disrespecting any person at the event.
  • Touching event staff or any other people without their consent.
  • Intentionally entering the scorekeeper’s area or the lanes during a match in which they are not participating.
  • Purposefully distracting the scorekeeper during a match in which they are not participating.
  • Wearing insignia or uniforms for clubs with exclusive and non-objective criteria for membership.

Penalties for breaking the Code of Conduct:

  • First offense: Verbal Warning
  • Second Offense: Loss of current match, or next match if one is not in progress
  • Third Offense: Ejection from event, removal from premises, and forfeiture of any and all prizes
  • Extremely inappropriate behavior may result in immediate escalation to ejection and forfeiture.

House Rules for Leagues

  • Players will be marked absent if they are more than 30 minutes late and have not notified the league runner
  • Players will be marked absent if they are more than an hour late for any reason
  • Players will be removed from the season if they miss more than 2 weeks of the regular season.