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Top Customer Complaints about Total Axe – and Why That Makes Us the Best

  • 3 min read

We here at Total Axe fully acknowledge that we’re unlike a lot of the places that you can throw axes nowadays. But we don’t think that’s a bad thing. It makes sense that each of the top customer complaints about Total Axe exist. We did that on purpose!

“You don’t have a bar?”

While there are places you can drink and throw, Total Axe isn’t one of them. Because we don’t have a bar, we’re the only venue in the area licensed and insured to throw more than just axes. We teach every guest how to throw axes and stars. 2 hour reservations also have the ability to add on the Ninja Package. For $50/group, our coaches will also teach you how to throw metal playing cards, knives, shovels, and spears. There are dozens of bars within 5 minutes including Orleans Sports Cafe, The Aspen, and Jimmy Dee’s.

“You’re impossible to find”

Exit 240 off of I-94 has a number of highly visible stores with easy access including Walmart, Dollar Tree, and Starbucks, as well as nearly every fast food place imaginable. About a mile and half west of that, making a Michigan Left onto Groesbeck Highway and driving south for a half mile, just past the Airgas Store is a small group of blue industrial buildings. As soon as you pass the driveway you were supposed to turn into, you’ll see the sign for Total Axe. Make some more U-turns and you’ll be throwing in no time! We could have been in a mall or next door to Starbucks, but with the money you save here, you’ll be able to buy lattes for the entire group. After booking a group, call us at 586-913-7081 and we’ll gladly help you find us.

“Our coach didn’t leave us alone!”

Yep! Like a gun range or other potentially risky activities,we will supervise you the entire time you’re here. Many people have not thrown axes outside of their backyard or a camping trip. Throwing indoors at boards can be a little different, and there will be other groups in the same room. Our coaches’ primary function is to act like caddies. They will offer helpful tips and tweak your approach so that every shot is a bullseye. Our coaches work very hard to make sure that your experience is as enjoyable as possible. A secondary function of the coaches is to make sure everyone is safe and no one gets hurt. If your group is acting responsibly, you won’t even notice the coaches.

“There’s nothing else to do except throw axes.”

We are an axe throwing range. We’re not a sports facility trying to cash in on a fad or a failing bar looking for a new revenue stream. Our founder has over 10 years experience throwing axes, knives, tomahawks, and pretty much anything sharp. Our coaches are well trained, and experts in the field. We teach people to throw sharp shit, and our dedication to one thing makes us the best in our field.

We hope that with a little bit of explanation, these customer complaints about Total Axe don’t end up as complaints at all. Total Axe is the place you go for a good axe throwing experience, it’s our specialty!

A group of axe throwers standing inside the lanes at Total Axe for a group picture