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Have Your Holiday Party at Total Axe

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‘Tis the season.

With the approach of the holiday season, there’s a few things on everyone’s minds. How many times am I going to hear Mariah Carey hit that note in All I Want for Christmas? Am I going to get into a political debate with Uncle Ronnie? Is my company’s holiday party going to be my last straw, when I finally give up and follow my dreams of being a backup dancer for, ironically, Mariah Carey? All good questions. Fortunately, we can help with one and only one of those. No, your company’s holiday party won’t be the last straw—not if you let Total Axe host it.

How the Holiday Party Will Work:

Total Axe Throwing can accommodate holiday parties up to 55 people. Bring your six favorite coworkers, your entire department, or your entire company. The basics are simple: you book a group, show up with some food and drinks, and we take care of the rest. In the span of your two hour event, everyone will get a brief safety overview, an introduction to axe throwing, individual attention, and the opportunity to compete in a tournament amongst your coworkers, where one of you will be named champion. Plus, if you book at the right times, you’ll even get to throw things like throwing stars, tactical shovels, steel cards, and knives. I bet if she had time in her infinitely busy schedule, even Mariah Carey would have a holiday party here.*

But, why choose axe throwing for your holiday party?

We’ll be the first to admit that there’s an infinite amount of things you could do for your holiday party. But booking at Total Axe is just different. Here, you get to do a unique thing, which most of your coworkers likely haven’t done yet. During competition, you’ll get to bond with your friends, learn something new, get out of the office, and most importantly, relish in the fact that your boss is going to lose to the intern. We have coaches dedicated to ensuring that your event safely goes off without a hitch, everyone has a blast, and it will be a holiday party to remember.

Next Steps:

Find out who is going to be the person to organize this year’s holiday party. Get into a completely normal conversation with them. Then, when there’s a lull in the chatter, casually say something like, “That axe throwing thing seems pretty cool, right?” After that, you’re going to want to sprint back to your office, email them the link to this blog post, and make the subject line “Haha, we should do this!” They’ll click right here, and viola, holiday party planned.

Happy holidays, everyone. We can’t wait to host you here at Total Axe. It’s gonna be a great time, we promise.

*Mariah Carey has no affiliation to Total Axe Throwing.

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