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Charity Events at Total Axe

  • 3 min read

Total Axe is dedicated to being there for its guests. We want to help people have a relaxing time on their weekend, get competitive at league night, or blow off steam when they have to. But in addition wanting to be there for our direct community, Total Axe wants to help with a further reach. In the coming year, Total Axe is very much inclined to do more charity events—but we need your help.

Do you work with/for a charity?

Let us know what your organization is all about! Like we mentioned, we love to help our community. So if we can help our community by helping a charity or non-profit in the area, that’s even better. If you are the contact person, we’ll be more than happy to work with you. If you aren’t, all you have to do is get us in contact with the right person, and we’ll take it from there!

Is there a charity close to your heart?

If there is a cause that you care about and want to help, so do we. Even if you don’t work with the organization or have any direct ties, that doesn’t mean we can’t help them. We’d be happy to work with you in a way that makes it simple, effective, and beneficial to help your cause!

Types of charity events

There are two types of charity events we can do. The first being a “flyer night.” We work out all the details of the charity, we give you a flyer, we help you distribute the flyers, and anyone who brings us the flyer on the specific night gets a portion of their proceeds donated to your charity—it’s that simple. This option is best for smaller organizations, who could use extra community support.

The other option is a ticketed event. In this case, you’ll buy X amount of tickets from us for Y price, and then you can resell them for whatever price in whatever package you’d like to the guests. This option is better for medium to large organizations, who won’t have an issue getting people involved. This also lends to a catered event, which might also have raffles or giveaways. However you’d like to run it is completely up to you!

If you’re interested, all you have to do is reach out to us. Give us a call at 586-913-7081, or email us at Whether it’s a school fundraiser, or a major organization, we’re just happy to help. Also, if you’re interested, here’s some good things to keep in mind for the event.

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