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A Poor Weather Activity: Axe Throwing

  • 3 min read

To demonstrate how poor weather doesn’t have to ruin your day, we’ve crafted a short story for your reading pleasure. Enjoy.

Uproar in the Ice Kingdom

“But, Ice King… My comrades, the people of your kingdom, do not enjoy the eternal ice age. We would like to see the sun!” a lowly peasant said, at the foot of the throne.

The Ice King stroked his icy beard with his icy hand. His crystalline skin glinted in the light.

“Do I look like the Sun King to you?” the Ice King said, with great sarcasm.

“Yes, Sun King,” the peasant said, with even greater sarcasm.

The Ice King shot to his feet.

“How dare you speak to me like that?” he said, as he slowly raised a hand into the air. A large icicle materialized in his hand. The Ice King threw the spike of ice from his raised platform, directly through the sternum of the peasant below. The bloodied icicle shattered on the icy ground behind the peasant, after it exited his body.

Everyone in the throne room stood silently. The guards watched the peasants. The peasants watched the guards.

DOES ANYONE ELSE HAVE ANY COMPLAINTS?” The Ice King screamed. The room shook.

The peasants stared at the floor.

But, then, a sound from the back. Another peasant, clearing her throat.

“Ahem…” she muttered.

The Ice King stood bewildered, in disbelief that another person would question him after that display.

“Something to say? Do you have a death wish?” the Ice King said with no sarcasm at all.

“I was… I was just wondering. Are we still allowed to go axe throwing?”

“Yes, of course. I’m not a monster,” the Ice King replied.

“Yay!” everyone in the room said in unison.

The End.

A Metaphor for Poor Weather in the metro Detroit Area

Basically, in the above short story, the Ice King represents all bad weather that might prevent you from enjoying your favorite activities. I’m sure you picked up on that.

Everyone cheered at the end? Well that’s you and your friends. Excited that bad weather isn’t going to get you down– since you still can go axe throwing. Since axe throwing is an indoor activity, where you can have food and drinks delivered, there’s no worries at all about how the weather might ruin your day of fun!

And the guy who got impaled by an icicle? Well that guy just had a bad attitude and didn’t even try to make it work! Don’t be like that guy or you might also get impaled with a mystic icicle!

A poor weather activity