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Total Axe August Recap: Community Outreach, Upcoming Leagues, Tournaments, Marathons, and more…

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What is going on?!

We know. You barely heard from us this year. We only sent you one email. But now? Now it’s like we can’t stop. There’s so many things going on, even WE’RE getting confused! We’re already doing an August recap and it’s only the 16th! Here’s the full rundown of anything you may have missed this month (so far!)

DTE Outage and Community Outreach

The storm this past week knocked out power to over 700,000 residents across Metro Detroit. We were fortunate enough to keep the lights on the entire time and we tried to help and accommodate anyone who needed a little help during that time. We offered a place to cool off during the 90 degree weather, somewhere to charge your laptop or phone, and internet for anyone who needed to keep working. Total Axe is more than just an axe throwing venue. Total Axe is a gathering place for the community. We will continue to keep our doors open whenever possible and offer a helping hand anytime we’re able to.

Friday Fundraisers

Going forward we are also looking to continue our Friday Fundraiser events. If you’re part of a community group looking to raise money for a local school, sports team, or other charitable group, consider having an event at Total Axe. Our venue is open to all ages (under 18 must be with a parent) and our alcohol-free policy makes it a safe environment for the whole family. You can bring in your own food and we’ll donate a portion of our sales during that time to your group! Contact us at or stop in during open throwing hours for more information.

Upcoming Leagues

August has 5 new leagues for you to jump in! Yesterday kicked off our $24 Sunday league. It’s not too late to get in for that price either, just call or show up next Sunday before 6pm! BIG AXE Wednesday is in week 2 as well. This week starts our Beginner Wednesday and Advanced Thursday. All the dates and information is listed on our leagues page. In-person registration is available for each league until week 3!


Total Axe is starting a series of tournaments on the first Friday of every month! Starting with warm-ups at 6pm, each night will consist of 2 skills events, then a double elimination tournament for a $400 prize pool. September’s events will include Around the World, Ambidextrous, and the main event is Big Axe Double Elimination. Register for the event on our tournaments page. Players who were previously entered into the March of the Axes tournament that was cancelled can transfer registration to this event as well.


Sadly, with the border situation not improving, we will have to move the rescheduled marathon to November 20. With Choptober in October and World’s in December, this is the best weekend available. Everyone’s registration is still available and we will continue to update you if the situation changes.

Warrior’s Axes

We received a shipment of axes from Warrior’s this past week as well. The few Plumbs we were able to get ahold of were sold out instantly. There are still a few Hammerheads, Hudson Bays, and Reapers. Axes are $70 and league members get 20% off.