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Throwing for Clutch

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As the sport of axe throwing continues on and on, the need to hit clutch consistently grows and grows. The blunt bottom line is that if you cannot hit clutch almost every time, you cannot compete at a high level. Which is discouraging. And we don’t want that. So we’re here to help. On behalf of Total Axe, here are three small tips that might be able to up your clutch percentage just a little bit. We can’t promise anything, obviously, but we do hope something here works for you. If you’re not going for clutch just yet, read up on 5 Steps to Becoming and Axe Throwing Champion.

The Pace

Everyone’s pace is different. Which is expected. That’s fine. So, you need to find your pace. Are you the type who overthinks? If I lose this round I’ll be eliminated. There’s money on the line. My whole family is watching the live stream. I can’t believe I tried to kiss Jen in 8th grade, in retrospect she wasn’t interested in me at all. So, if you’re the over-thinker, as soon as you get back to the line, set up and throw. Don’t rush your setup (because that’s a whole different problem), but don’t let yourself start thinking about the situation. Get in, get set, and get throwing.

Or, if you’re the opposite—where you get caught up in the action, and the adrenaline is hitting you like a crash test dummy hits a wall, take a second. Breathe. Look at the target. Look at your axe. Think about what you have to do. Set up. Step. Plant your foot. Extend. Release. Jump for joy. Post in The Sport of Axe Throwing about your first 81. Don’t let yourself throw just to throw. Throw because you’re ready to throw.

The Throw

Slow down. Slow down, slow down, slow down.

Hey. Slow down. And don’t throw that hard.

Throwing for clutch is just like throwing any other throw.

A slow, gentle throw will be perfect. When you step, plant your foot. Don’t even worry about your throwing arm until your foot is firmly planted on the ground. You’re not going to be able to hit the spot you want if your body is still moving all over the place. Then, gently throw it. What are the chances you’re going to release at the right time if you’re launching it in? Slow your arm down, and your margin of error diminishes.

The Strategy

Throw clutch 100% of the time in league. It doesn’t matter what the context of the match is. If you’re tied? Both of you go for it. If you’re up? End the match, go for it. If you’re losing? Show some confidence, go for it. Out of reach? Nothing to lose, go for it. Practice, practice, practice.

Like we said, you need to be able to hit clutch to compete at the high level. Maybe your season average won’t be the best—but that’s fine. After two seasons of 100% clutch calls, your average is going to even back out, and then be on the rise. When playoffs come, go for the wins, play smart. But the only way to be prepared for anything in playoffs, is to train during the regular season.

We don’t claim to be the leading experts on clutch technique. But we hoped this is something you can keep in mind next time you’re throwing for clutch. There’s an infinite amount of tips out there from top-tier throwers. Reach out. Ask your favorite thrower what their strategy is. The only way to get better is to try to get better. So try what we said, and try what the community says. But overall, it comes down to figuring out your throw, and what works best for you.

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