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Things to do in Clinton Township

  • 3 min read

Welcome to Clinton Township, Michigan! We’re so happy to have you for whatever amount of time you’d like to stay. We know that while you’re here, you’ll probably want some sort of entertainment. We went ahead and did very little research, all for you. After a quick Google search for “things to do in Clinton Township” and clicking the first link, we discovered that the only things to do in Clinton Township, Michigan are visit two different parks, a cultural center, a farm, a railroad, or go to the mall (so you can relive your middle school days of hanging out near the Hollister).

But then we got to thinking… There’s gotta be SOMETHING else to do. And then it hit us. Like it was in front of our face the whole time. You could, and hear us out on this one, try axe throwing at Total Axe. We think it’ll be a good time for you. Let us explain.

What is Axe Throwing at Total Axe Like?

You’ve got options. If you just want to try axe throwing out, we recommend our walk-ins. Now available six days a week, you can get a taste of axe throwing practically whenever you’d like. Our top-of-the-line coaches will give you a safety demonstration, and then teach you how to properly throw an axe. After that, you can keep a little score, play a few matches, and really get an idea what the sport is all about.

Or, for the bigger and more adventurous groups, we recommend making a reservation. With a reservation, the world opens up a little bit. You still get the same safety and throwing demonstrations, but this allows for your coach to run a full-fledged tournament. Plus, if there’s time at the end, you can even throw throwing stars. PLUS, if you get the right package, you can learn how to throw knives, throwing cards, and even a tactical shovel. Order a pizza, bring some drinks, and throw some stuff!

Out of all the things to do in Clinton Township, why axe throwing?

As we mentioned, there’s plenty of things to do in Clinton Township. After a second search, a self-defense class was recommended in the “fun and games” section of TripAdvisor. So why would you come axe throwing? Well, if you’ve never done it before, you don’t know how satisfying it is to stick the axe for the first time. It’s a major sense of accomplishment, only to be rivaled by beating your first opponent, and winning your first league championship. If you have been axe throwing before, you know how good it feels to blow off that steam, and take down the competition. All that, while getting to bond with your friends and family (as long as they’re 13+). We can’t recommend it enough.

We hope to see you soon. At Total Axe, of course. We have no desire to see you hitting on the poor girl working at Auntie Anne’s at the mall.

things to do in clinton township