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The Total Tournament Series

  • 2 min read

What is the Total Tournament Series?

The Total Tournament Series is a monthly axe throwing tournament held on the first Friday of the month. Each night kicks off with warm-up, followed by 2 skills events, and concluded with a double-elimination tournament. The prize pool for the main event is $425 based on 16 entries. Anyone may enter and current Total Axe league members get $10 off registration.


Each night will start off with 2 skills events. Each skill will run in heats of 4 people playing to one winner until we’re at the final four, who will face off in a single game elimination bracket. Skills are a twist on axe throwing, whether it’s Around the World where the goal is to hit each zone, Ambidextrous where each player throws an axe in each hand, or something new that we made up! We’ll try to keep coming up with new games while adding in some of the old favorites.

The Main Event

The Main Event is a double-elimination bracket. The opening rounds are best 2 out of 3. Starting with the final four (A bracket finals and the fourth-place match in B). If you lose in A bracket, you get knocked down to B. Lose in B bracket and your night is over. In the finals, the B bracket winner has to beat the A bracket winner twice.

Looking Ahead

We will look to continue hosting these fun Total Tournament Series monthly events. We want to keep providing the environment competitive axe throwers can achieve their goals, reach new levels, get the recognition they deserve. Providing them with this is and has always been one of the commitments we make to our League members and members of all affiliations.