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The Gauntlet

  • 2 min read

Total Axe is debuting a new kind of axe throwing league – The Gauntlet. At the end of every league night, throwers will challenge each other for the Queen or King of the Gauntlet.

The Ladder

Every current league member is ranked on the ladder, with the highest average at the top.


Starting from the bottom rung, throwers can challenge any active player within 3 positions of their own. The top 5 can challenge anyone within 2 positions and the top 3 can only challenge the nearest active player. If the challenger wins, they take the losers place and everyone between moves down one position.


Each match will be a modified “Michigan-style” IATF match. The match is played like a normal, best of 3 IATF match. If the game is out of reach, it moves on. If the match is out of reach, it’s over. If a match ends in a tie, players will throw hatchet in a sudden death match. After both players “bull-in”, throwers each select a clutch – including the lower Michigan Clutches. Players rotate clockwise around the clutches until one player hits and the other misses.

Active Players and Divisions

Active players are all of the league players present on any given night. For every 10 players, the league is separated into divisions and each player can only challenge within their division for the night. For example, if there are 14 active players, one division will have the top 7 and the other will have the bottom 7. Challenges start at the bottom of each division.


Why else? Bragging rights.

Optional Rule: The Queen or King Must Play

If no one challenges the top seeded thrower in the division, the top seed must play the lowest seed. If the lowest seed wins, players switch places.