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A Few Family Friendly Reasons to Go Axe Throwing

  • 3 min read

New Memories

The family can only go bowling so many times. You’ve been to the same few amusement parks over and over again. There’s nothing interesting on TV. So how do you create some new, vibrant memories with the family? You go to a family friendly axe throwing venue of course! At Total Axe, you’ll get a coach to give you a quick safety speech, and explain how to throw, and then the fun starts. Everyone in the family will get individual attention, an explanation on how to play the game, and possibly, an exciting new hobby. As each throw goes by, everyone will be laughing, and enjoying this new thing you’re all doing together. From experience, the look on mom’s face when she hits her first bullseye is like nothing else.

All Ages are welcome!

Most axe throwing venues have an alcohol element to the event. Be it BYO, or a full bar. But here, we’ve decided to leave the alcohol out. Because of this, we’re incredibly proud to boast that Total Axe Throwing can have guests of any age! This helps make sure that the entire family, young and old, can have a nice event together. Now, you don’t have to worry about leaving lil’ Jimmy at home, and creating all those fun memories without him. Jimmy can be right there with you the whole time, throwing, competing, and maybe even winning your family friendly event. All children under 18 must have a parent or guardian with them.

A Family Friendly Way to Compete

Sibling rivalries never end. Whether its grades in school, performance in sports, or salaries as adults—siblings are always competing. So, why not give them something brand new to compete in? There won’t be a shortage of intense moments as brother and sister go throw for throw into the championship. Not to mention all of the side bets, such as “whoever gets the next bullseye is dad’s favorite,” and “winner gets the entire estate when the time comes.” There will be plenty of laughs, trash talk, and negotiating over dad’s golf clubs during your group event!

A Great Photo Op

It’s undeniable that throwing an axe is cool. So of course you’ll be taking pictures and videos of this great event. Not only will you be showing off your axe throwing skills during the event, you’ll be able to randomly text the rest of the family the pictures you took, just to remind them how good you were. Plus, the video of mom beating dad during playoffs will be the talk of the town (on Facebook). All the comments from Aunt Ethel, your ex-girlfriend’s mom who you’re still friends with, and Mike (who isn’t really your cousin but you call him your cousin anyway) will be great to read as you reminisce on such a fun time.

It’s pure, family friendly, fun.

What this all boils down to, is spending time with the family. It’s nice to get out and do something every once in a while. But, we know how tough it is to get everyone’s schedules aligned. That’s why when you do have the time together, you definitely don’t want to waste it. So, pick a day, come on in, and bond with us.