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Have Your Bachelorette Party at Total Axe Throwing

  • 3 min read

Planning a Bachelorette Party?

We can help! We run the gamut when it comes to events being held here—corporate events, birthday parties, holiday parties, the whole nine yards. So, a bachelorette party is right up our alley. So, what exactly does planning your bachelorette party at Total Axe get you?

What do you get?

After everyone gets checked in, we’ll waste no time in getting the event started. First, one of our professional coaches will give everyone a brief safety speech. Next, that same coach will teach everyone how to throw, giving you one-on-one instruction if necessary. Finally, your coach will run an entire tournament for your party, which is where the fun really starts. You and the girls will get to compete for the championship, and prove to each other who the best axe thrower is. By the end of your event, someone will be named champion, and gets to brag about their new crown for the rest of the weekend.

Why axe throwing though?

Well, as time goes on bachelorette parties become tougher and tougher to make unique. Destination getaways are expensive and hard to plan. Spa days are nice but they’ve been done before. And bar crawls have the chance to end with vomit on your new shoes—and we don’t want that. Instead, axe throwing offers something unique. This bachelorette party will stand out from the rest, securing your spot as best Maid of Honor/bridesmaid ever. Here, you’ll get to do something different, exciting, and most importantly, picture worthy. Or maybe there not being vomit on your shoes is the most important. It’s up in the air.

Still not convinced?

Not to mention, axe throwing is empowering. There’s something about tossing a chunk of steel and getting it to cut through a piece of wood that just feels good. The energy that you feel when you get your first, tenth, or hundredth axe to stick in the board is like none other. You can throw axes, throwing stars, and even a tactical shovel into a target, and experience the once-in-a-lifetime feeling of being an assassin. With axe throwing getting you feeling strong, energized, and powerful, it’ll be the perfect thing to send you into the rest of your bachelorette weekend.

Did we forget to mention?

It’s some good, wholesome fun. This is the type of bachelorette party that mom could come to and it not get too awkward. Put some decorations around your arena, bring some sashes and a crown, some food and soft drinks (no alcohol is allowed), and have the perfect bachelorette party. When the bride-to-be thinks back on getting married, it’ll be the axe throwing that she remembers. Not the ceremony. Or the flowers. Or the best man speech that was borderline inappropriate. But the axe throwing. Probably.