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Axe Throwing Tips

  • 4 min read

It doesn’t matter if it’s your first time throwing axes, or if you’ve been doing it for years—there’s something to learn. What’s so nice about this community is that everyone is so willing to help each other out, and help each other grow. No one in this community wants to see anyone else fail. So no matter how helpful you find the tips in this list, just remember you can always ask a veteran thrower for more.

5. Simplify your throw

This is a perfect, long-standing theory when it comes to axe throwing. All of the other axe throwing tips in this list will fit into this category.
The less moving parts there are to your throw, the more successful it will be. Simplify everything. The simpler it is, the easier it will be to diagnose problems in the future. Don’t go around flailing your arms and taking running starts. One step. One arm movement. A little wrist if you need it. Simple. No sweat. Easy, breezy, beautiful, Cover Girl. That’s you. You’re a Cover Girl now.

4. Throw gently.

You do not need to throw the axe hard. Plain and simple, you don’t. The very sharp blade of your wood slicing tool will have no trouble slicing through the wood you’re throwing at. If you’re throwing too hard, it will be impossible to aim properly. Controlling your hand’s release point if your hand is rocketing through the air is much more difficult than if you have a calm, and smooth throw. Also? It’s much safer to throw it gently. Click here to learn why.

3. Step, then throw.

Plant your foot before you even consider releasing the axe. If your body is physically moving through space, it will be much harder to hit your target. It’s the same reason why baseball players, quarterbacks, and basketball players all try to release from a stationary position, and why plays like these are so cool to watch. You can see the difficulty go up. But axe throwers aren’t in a rush to make plays or beat the clock. We have the luxury of taking our time. Plant your foot. Then throw it. Then repeat that process until you’re a national champion.

2. Experiment with axes.

Everyone will feel one way or another about each axe. Some are too light, some are too heavy. Some are heavily modified and illegal under certain rule sets. My point is, try as many axes as you can, until you find one that’s right for you. Everyone’s different. It’s all about finding the axe that makes your throw the easiest for you. Some people really like throwing Cold Steel Axe Gangs, a lighter axe with a straight blade. Others really enjoy throwing vintage Plumb axes, which are usually heavier and always rounded. Or, if you’re lucky enough to be a professional blacksmith, just make your own. It can’t be that hard. Easy, even. Breezy, some might say. Cover Girl, of course.

1. The fun comes first.

Don’t sacrifice the fun of hanging out with your friends and family for over-focusing on the competition. You’ll throw better if you’re having fun. None of these axe throwing tips matter if you aren’t enjoying what you’re doing. Remember to laugh and smile. You can keep all these tips in your back pocket, but not the forefront of your brain. Don’t over-complicate your event here at Total Axe!