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Axe Throwing in Clinton Township

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Clinton Township, Michigan is widely known for a few indisputable facts. Clinton Township, of course, is home to the arena football team, the Clinton Township Slick Trout. It’s also common knowledge that Clinton Township is the birthplace of Argentinian beef empanadas. And literally everyone knows that Clinton Township was named after former president, Doug Township. But while people were basking in the glory of these completely true facts about their hometown, something started. Clinton Township is slowly becoming known for something else. Now, there’s axe throwing in Clinton Township.

Axe Throwing in Clinton Township

Welcome to Total Axe! The axe throwing venue that has had its home right off the Groesbeck Highway since November of 2018. We’re proud to be the premier axe throwing venue of the area. If you haven’t been, here’s a little summary of what you might be getting yourself into.

If you make a reservation, upon arrival you’ll be assigned a coach. The coach will walk you through your entire event. From the safety rules, to the technique of throwing an axe, to the game rules, to a full tournament if you’d like. Plus, if you’d like to learn how to throw throwing stars, knives, throwing cards, and a tactical shovel, there’s an option for that as well! Point being, Total Axe is going to be there for you the whole way through. Just like President Township was there for us.

The other option is coming for walk-ins. For walk-ins, you’ll still get the safety, technique, and rules, tutorials, but it’s a little more relaxed. This is good for if you just want to get a taste of what axe throwing is all about. Then, if you like it, we’ll be happy to have you back! If you don’t like it, you get a full refund—we promise.

Who can do it?

You (as long as you’re 13+)! Total Axe is for everyone. As long as you can get to our building, we can teach you how to throw an axe. There’s no prior experience required to come in and try something new. We understand that the idea of axe throwing might be a little scary at first, but we can assure you that while it’s unorthodox, it is safe. But unorthodox is what Clinton Township is all about. That’s how we ended up with the first ever arena football team. Go Trout!

We recommend gathering up your favorite friends, family members, and people from your book club to come in for a group. Once you’re in, you’ll all be able to enjoy each other’s company—which is what this activity is really about. The best part about axe throwing, is axe throwing with your loved ones. Feel free to order a pizza, or the aforementioned Clinton Township delicacy, Argentinian beef empanadas, and enjoy a nice morning/afternoon/evening with each other.

“I hope to be remembered for two things: my economic policies, and my love for Clinton Township’s newly established axe throwing scene.” –President Doug Township, 1973