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Game On! Board Game AXE-travaganza

August 20, 2023 @ 1:00 pm - 4:00 pm


Ready to level up your board game experience? Join us for an adrenaline-fueled evening where axes replace the dice! Strategize, compete and throw axes at targets to navigate through the game board. It’s a one-of-a-kind fusion of axe throwing and tabletop gaming that will leave you on the edge of your seat! No need to be a pro – our expert coaches will guide you through the gameplay. Gather your friends, reserve your spots, and let the fun begin!

Starting: Throw an axe to determine who goes first. Highest number starts.
Moving: Throw an axe and move a game piece according to the number scored. Only move in your designated path. Dropping an axe is a 0 and you lose a turn.
Getting Out of Home: Throw a 6 to move a game piece out of “Home.”
Bumping Opponents: If you land on an opponent’s game piece, bump it back to their “Home.”
Sliding: Follow arrow directions on the board to slide to the next space.
Safety Zone: Once in your colored safety zone, your pieces cannot be bumped.
Finishing: Move all four pieces into the “Finish” space to win.
Winning: The first player to finish all four pieces wins the game.

Throw each star up to three times on your turn.
Choose which star to keep and re-throw the rest.
After each throw, select a category to score in.
Once a category is scored, it cannot be used again.
Upper Section: Score the sum of specific numbers (aces through sixes).
Lower Section: Score specific combinations like three of a kind, full house, or Yahtzee (five of a kind).
Yahtzee: Throwing five of the same number scores 50 points.
End of the Game:
Fill all 13 categories on the score sheet.
The player with the highest total score wins.

The person to the dealer’s left puts a card into the center, face-up, saying “Taco”. The player on his left then puts his/her card face-up on top of his/her, while saying “Cat”.
Play continues in this way (going “Taco”, “Cat”, “Goat”, “Cheese”, “Pizza”) until the following happens:
The card just laid matches the card spoken by the player (e.g., they put down ‘Pizza’ while saying, “Pizza!”).
At this point, all the players must go throw an axe and get a bullseye, and the last player to do so takes the entire pile, and puts them on the bottom of the pile in his/her hand.
All players must complete the action below immediately when a special card is revealed, and then slap the pile.
If a player does the wrong action or are the last to throw a bullseye, they must pick up the cards.
Gorilla – all players beat their chest
Groundhog – slap both hand quickly on the table
Narwhal – slap your hands above your head to form a horn.
The game ends when a player with no remaining cards is the first to correctly slap a match or special card.

Throw an axe to see who goes first.
On your turn, you must throw an axe to see what rod you have to add to the frame. You the key to know which number reprsents each color. You can choose any open notch or hang it from an existing rod. The catch is that you must carefully balance the rod without causing the frame to tip or any other rods to fall off. You can touch and adjust the other rods as long as they don’t fall.
If any rod falls off during your turn, you must take it back and add it to your collection.
Play continues clockwise to the next player.
The game continues until one player successfully hangs all of their rods without making the frame collapse. The player who successfully hangs their final rod wins the game.



August 20, 2023
1:00 pm - 4:00 pm
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Total Axe Throwing
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Total Axe Throwing
44159 N Groesbeck Highway
Clinton Township, MI 48036 United States
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