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Team Leagues

Have you wanted to try an axe throwing league, but are intimidated by a new game or new people? Starting Sunday, June 6, Total Axe Throwing in Clinton Township is piloting one of the first axe throwing leagues for teams! Each team will have 4 throwers, so you can register with up to 3 friends or by yourself and be placed on a team. Similar to bowling leagues, each thrower from both teams will compete in a set of 1-on-1 matches against an opponent from the other team, with points awarded for each individual and team win.

Team Requirements

Each team has 4 throwers with a combined average below 280. Each thrower uses their most recent completed IATF season average to determine eligibility and handicap. Throwers will be re-rated after three weeks. Substitutions are allowed for any thrower. Any thrower without a completed IATF season will be assigned a 65 average until they complete 12 matches – the equivalent of two weeks of play.


Each match will consist of a home team and an away team. The away team will select their lineup first and then the home team will determine their lineup. Each team will have an equal number of home and away matches during normal play.


The first thrower from the home team faces the first thrower from the away team in a standard IATF match. After their match, the next thrower from each team continues to alternate lanes so that each target is used equally by both teams. After each thrower has played a match, throwers face off in the same order until each has thrown 3 matches.

Every team will have 2 matches per week, meaning each thrower has 6 matches.


Individual matches are based on scratch scoring. Team matches and overall totals will be given a handicap of 80 percent of the difference between 280 and the team score. For example, if each thrower on a team has a 65 average, their handicap would be 280 – [(65 + 65 + 65 + 65) * 0.80] = 16.


Each match is played with standard IATF rules except there is no big axe. The winner of each individual match is awarded 1 point (12 points total). Ties award half a point to each thrower. The team totals (with handicap) for each match are awarded 1 point (3 points total). The overall totals (with handicap) are awarded 5 points for a total of 20 points.


Team standings are determined by the total number of match points. The second match of week 4 and 8 will be “position rounds” meaning that the top ranked team plays the second ranked team, third plays fourth, etc. The champion is team with the most match points at the end of the season.

Absences and Alternates

Any team may use an alternate of their choice is a thrower is absent. They may use the league alternate list or any other eligible thrower. If a substitute cannot be found, the absent thrower will be given a score of 10 below their average. Throwers can register for the league alternate list below

Vacant Team

If there are an uneven number of teams, or teams without players, the opponent of the vacancy must shoot within 10 points of their average to score the point. If an absent player is up against a vacancy, all games of the team league are considered ties.