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Software Bounties

Hello coding friends! Total Axe is trying out some new games! We still have a bare bones app we wrote about 4 years ago, but we haven’t kept up on our coding homework. If anyone wants to help out on a hobby, we’re looking to add some features, and we’re offering a bounty for each. Our repository is located at

  • $1,000 to clean up the interface by adding an actual target and adding multi-screen support with a landing page and support for additional games.
  • $1,000 to add data saving capabilities, i.e., display stats for multiple players after an event.
  • $5,000 to add database support to save games for league nights and track stats for the leagues.

We know these bounties are not nearly enough for the work that it would take, and there may be more in the budget in the future, but if anyone wants to tinker, this is available. Feel free to shoot us a message at if you have questions or need more specifics.