Harvest Tournament Rules

Updated 9/7/2019 – Click Here to Download

  1. Targets
    1. Targets are constructed from 5 boards arranged vertically next to each other.
    2. The target contains 5 concentric circles, labeled from 1-6 points. Outside of the 5 concentric circles, there are 4 smaller circles labeled with an 8 (the 8-ball), which are only in play on the last throw of each game. Throws that land outside of any circles, score no points.
    3. The foul line is placed 10 feet from the target.
  2. Equipment
    1. Axes must measure between 12 to 18 inches in total length.
    2. Axes must have no more than one blade, measuring between 3 to 4.25 inches.
  3. Attendance
    1. Players must arrive within 15 minutes of start time. Players who are more than 15 minutes late may continue with the throws missed counted as zero.
  4. Gameplay
    1. Players must throw from behind the foul line and remain behind it until the axe has completely stopped.
    2. Players score the innermost zone that the head of the axe is contacting. The 8-ball can only be scored on the last throw of each game.
    3. On the last throw of each game, players must announce if they are attempting to hit the 8-ball before their throw. Once they announce it, they may not rescind the call. If the 8-ball is called, no other zone is scored on that throw.
      1. If both players agree not to aim for the 8-ball on the last throw, neither may call the 8.
    4. Axes must stay in the target long enough to be retrieved to score.
      1. A player may retrieve their axe if their opponent delays throwing.
      2. Score of an axe must be confirmed by the opponent or scorekeeper.
      3. Axes in dispute will be inspected by the scorekeeper. Once the scorekeeper has judged the throw, the score is counted even if the axe falls out.
      4. If an axe has remains in the target for an extended period of time due to delays in throwing or inspection for a point, then falls, it will be scored (the lower number if in dispute).
    5. If a player touches or crosses the foul line before their axe has stopped moving:
      1. First offense: the player is given a verbal warning
      2. Second offense: the player scores 0 for the throw
      3. Third and each subsequent offense:
        1. The player forfeits the current game
        2. Purposely crossing the foul line more than three times will result in ejection.
  5. Seeding Round
    1. Each player throws 40 axes, five on each lane, for total score.
      1. The 8-ball is not in play during the first four throws on each lane.
      2. During seeding, players must aim for an 8-ball on the fifth throw in each lane.
        1. The 5th, 15th, 25th, and 35th throw must be at an opper 8-ball.
        2. The 10th, 20th, 30th, and 40th throw must be at a lower 8-ball
    2. In the event of a tie for seeding, ties will be broken by:
      1. Most 8-balls hit during seeding
      2. Then most 6’s hit, then most 4’s, etc through 1’s
      3. If still tied, there will be a throw-off using the same format as match play.
  6. Match Play
    1. Format is double-elimination. Players must lose two matches to be eliminated.
    2. Each player receives five practice throws before their first match and one before each subsequent match.
    3. Highest seed chooses starting side. Players alternate sides after each game.
    4. Games consist of five throws.
    5. The first four axes of each game are thrown at the same time
    6. On the fifth throw, the player in the lead throws first. In a tie, each player throws together.
    7. In the event of a tie game in the tournament:
      1. Each player throws one axe at the same time until the tie is broken.
      2. The 8-ball is not in play at the start of the tie-breaker.
      3. If both players have hit a bullseye three times in a row, the 8-balls are the only zone in play
      4. Players must announce and hit an 8-ball of their choice. Each successive throw must be at the next 8-ball in a clockwise direction.
  7. Games per Round
    1. During the round of 32, 16, and 8 of the winners bracket, matches will be played until one person wins 3 games (3 out of 5).
    2. During the first 3 rounds of the loser’s bracket, matches will be played until one person wins 3 games (3 out of 5).
    3. All other matches will be played until one person wins 4 games (4 out of 7).